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Our Services

Assembly Lines

We have 12+ years of experience with automated assembly lines. Throughout this time, we’ve focused on using the most suitable assembly techniques and constantly refining our skills to improve with each iteration.

We help automobile manufacturing companies achieve greater production level accuracy by reducing manual assembly errors and eliminating inefficient workflow, flaws in quality inspection, and traceability.

Before commencing the work, we rationalize the layout and prepare the design with your active involvement. Also, having comprehensive discussions with you regarding the production plans.

Product Features:

  • Well-designed conveyor system
  • Strategically located stationary workstations
  • Perfectly positioned visual inspection and testing stations
  • Optimal production monitoring for process improvement

Special Purpose Machines

In certain instances, standard machinery may fall short of meeting the evolving demands of car manufacturing enterprises. Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) have addressed this challenge. However, their value extends beyond this scope.

Incorporating SPMs into production processes enables the integration of technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence, improving profitability through technological advancements. Paveway’s design engineers have extensive experience in delivering SPMs that have proven to enhance production environments time after time.

Our individually configured machines are built using actively maintained machining modules that make them more reliable and credible.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for product and industry-specific functions and systems
  • Increases accuracy level and overall performance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • High-level availability in production lines
  • Lower payback period on capital investment
  • Accelerated production with a single installation

Traceability Systems

Effective product recalls require a tracking system.

Thus, having reliable product traceability systems in place is crucial.

We have helped hundreds of automobile manufacturers track and manage the components of a vehicle throughout the assembly line impacting the overall product quality.

Automobile manufacturing businesses looking to upgrade their product traceability can connect with us for customizable traceability solutions.

Product features:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Facilitate targeted recalls
  • Enables efficient supply chain management
  • Improves customer satisfaction

Control Panel Design

We have gained vast expertise in designing and constructing panels for over a decade. Mainly specializing in serving the automobile industry, where we have established a strong reputation.

Our control panels are designed based on precise panel schematics, bill of materials, and the comprehensive documentation that our clients provide.

Product features:

  • Simplifies all factory operations
  • Provides more control of the vehicles
  • Performs pre-programmed sequence of operations
  • Protects the machinery from potential hazards
  • Provides status of performance for a machine at any desired time.